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But to Understand the Future, We Have to Go Back in Time
Brian/Dom, NC-17, 863 Words
No major warnings this time around. Pretty much just fun making out on a car. 'Cause really, why not?

Dom figured he had a right to be smug. Brian's ego was based on the fact that he could do anything with an import car. Though good natured about it, he regularly needled Dom about 'not getting with the program.' He approached Dom's preferences for Detroit muscle as a weird religious practice or a stubborn cling to tradition. Dom was pretty sure Brian knew better - just teased Dom about it because it was a chink he deliberately left open for prodding. But today Dom's old-world knowledge turned out to be Brian's saving grace. Bits and pieces of import cars had a few vestigials leftover from old Detroit, like leopard spots on the occasional housecat.

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I've been having a hell of a time writing fic for the F&F franchise. All the ideas I had, just poof! Gone. Couldn't get going on anything I'd started to save my life.

Then, as I was using Pandora to help me build a playlist of good music so I'm not just listening to Danza Kuduro on friggin' repeat all afternoon at work (sometimes it's all that keeps me from biting people, honestly) I ran across music that just pushes this fandom's particular button for me.

So here I am, composing playlists of Brazilian pop and reggae. Because the moment I turn on Don Omar, Brian starts yammering. Chino Y Nacho, and he's watching Mia dance. Tego Calderon, and there's Dom, quiet and intense.

As a bonus, this is just unspeakably beautiful music. Also amusing, because while I can't understand a lot of the language, I definitely recognize pleading or defiance when I hear it. If you get a chance, skip Jennifer Lopez's "On The Floor" in English and go straight to the Spanish "Ven A Bailar." It's so much better, less repetitious, and every time Pitbull starts talking it's almost like someone breathing on your skin.

Why yes, I have something of a music kink. Why do you ask?

Today sucked, but it's rapidly getting better!
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Everybody who's on my circle has probably already seen this, because it was posted at [ profile] quarter_mile, but hey, if you haven't, come join the fun!

Fast & Furious Kink/Cliche Meme! Slash, Femmeslash, Het, Gen, it's all good here. There's some really interesting prompts and we can always use more! Once I'm done yapping, I'll get back to the one I was writing.

Oh good grief I feel like writing. I sure hope this lasts.

And in other news, good grief it's cold here.
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The order of the Fast & Furious movies is: 1, 2, 4, 5, (6), 3.

Justin says so.

Han's dead.


But at least now that I've got the timeline straight, I can start screwing with it. *snerk*
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All right, so I can say a few things without being spoilery:

I was afraid that I was going to be disappointed, after building myself up so much. That usually happens when I get so worked up about something. This movie, however, does not disappoint. It's very much in the spirit of the franchise, in my opinion, with plenty of fun lines, little character tidbits, and incredible car chases and race scenes.

Stay through the credits sequence. True to F&F tradition, you won't regret it if you stick around 'til after the fun CG stuff at the end. No, really. You totally won't. I promise.

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Do ya? Doyadoya? That's right! Fast Five hits theaters! Or well, it hits the theater here. I'm sure lots of ya get the midnight showing tonight, you lucky ducks. If that's you, and you're either sitting in the theater right now or standing in line waiting to get your popcorn, I salute you.

Tomorrow I am totally gonna be at the theater. I want to write celebratory Brian/Dom slash, but I'll just wait until I've seen the movie. YAAAAAAAY!
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Once Ao3 settles down I will link in the story that you can comment on, because seriously, if you read Fast & Furious fic, if you like Dom/Brian, leave a comment on this @#*% story. I'm reading it on the temporary site right now, but I can't wait for the other site to work so I can leave a glowing comment.

I'm so happy it shouldn't be legal. Holy crap. This story makes me want to write porn again, 'cause I want to make other people as happy as this story makes me!

So Anonymous Yuletide Author, until I can leave you a proper comment, I hope you lurk over here to see if I've read it. Because thank you thankyouthankyouasfd;lkjsf.

EDIT: Actually, you know what? I'm going to link the A03 link here and also the temporary one, so you can read it NOW.

Born to Run - Temporary archive link

Ao3 Archive Permanent Story Link
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Title: Come Home
Fandom: Fast & Furious Franchise
Pairing: Dom/Brian, pre-slash. Focus on Dom.
Summary: Covers what happened after Dom stormed out of the back room of the Toretto Grocery Store after beating the crap out of Brian in Fast & Furious. Takes place over about an hour, given driving time.
Rating: T for content
Disclaimer: The Fast & Furious film and all characters therein are the property of Universal Pictures and Original Film. This fiction is written purely as a hobby and the author receives no profit.


Things in Dominic Toretto's world were too complicated. He knew it, because even though everyone deserved a quiet walk or a few minutes of silence in the car to calm their racing heart, he couldn't. The wary corner of his mind was always active now, scanning the perimeter, checking over his shoulder. Even his own back yard was dangerously exposed; the back of his grocery store; his home.

"She just wanted you to come home!"

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Title: Our House
Fandom: Fast & Furious Franchise
Pairing: Dom/Brian
Rating: T for content and like... one f-bomb.
Notes: Occurs post-F&F 4. No spoilers for the movie that I know of... other than the obvious fact that they survived? Couldn't help but write in the 'verse of the crossover fic I've been plotting away at. Written for [personal profile] sharpest_asp's Songfic Challenge. I just couldn't pare it down to 100 words, and I was trying! It's been a while since I wrote a drabble and I wanted to see if I could do it. This was fun, there may be more!

Written for "Our House," by Madness. I imagine L.A.'s a pretty noisy town. I moved from Smalltown, USA to a city about ten times its size, and the level of noise was a shock to me.


Brian woke before the alarm; his adaptation to an Oklahoma bedroom town. Seemed everyone in Wakita lived by the same itinerary. Shortly after seven, engines would turn over up and down the street, and Brian liked the quiet.

Leon's regular snores drifted faintly through the floor. The refrigerator hummed against the heat. Brian grinned stupidly at the novelty. So quiet he could hear the fridge downstairs. How fucking weird was that? Behind him, tangled in the sheets… was Dom. Brian wasn't used to quiet, but he sure liked hearing Dom breathe.

In an hour, the garage was orchestrated chaos. Until then Brian listened to the house, quietly breathing with life around him.
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Title: Boredom
Author: [personal profile] cuda
Fandom: The Fast & The Furious; Brian/Dom friendship
Rating: T+ for language
Disclaimer: This was written for pure enjoyment. I don't own the Fast & Furious franchise or any of the characters depicted in this story. Roses red, violets blue. I no own; you no sue.


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Title: Seepage
Author: [personal profile] cuda
Fandom: Fast & Furious, Dom/Letty
Rating: T
Disclaimer: This was written for pure enjoyment. I don't own the Fast & Furious franchise or any of the characters depicted in this story. Roses red, violets blue. I no own; you no sue.
Notes: This is not supposed to be anything grand, just part of my growing collection of notes on Dom Toretto. It'll be amusing if in a month this doesn't look anything like Dom.


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Title: Lines
Author: [personal profile] cuda
Fandom: The Fast & The Furious films I & IV
Rating: T+
Pairing: Dom/Brian. One-sided, no romance, Dom's perspective only
Disclaimer: This was written for pure enjoyment. I don't own the Fast & Furious franchise or any of the characters depicted in this story. Roses red, violets blue. I no own; you no sue.
Notes: More character study. Getting into the pairing I actually want to get into seems to require a great deal of sidling. Mentally, I have to follow Dom into that frame of mind, as fun and delightfully messy as it'd be to just drop right into teh sex0rs. Yanno, I kind of prefer pairings that aren't canon and have chemistry but would be difficult to get going. They're a hell of a challenge.


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Mostly x-posted from my personal journal.

Well hello, boys.

I've been working on these characters Dom Toretto and Brian O'Conner from The Fast & The Furious franchise since, oh, about two weeks ago. Geez, has it been that long? If you know me and my fandoms well, you know that most of them I love to watch, love to read fanfic, but rarely enter into as an active contributor. I think that's primarily because there's already a lot of work done on that fandom, there's whole sites devoted to its fanfic writers with references and summaries and all the homework's practically been done for me. There's no interest to write because most of the things have already been done. That, or the characters are so straightforward that - while interesting - they don't prod me to study them.

There have been only two fandoms I get...for lack of a better description... 'that' feeling about. Both of them offered a wealth of openings for inference, opinion and study. They made the writing interesting. I feel rewarded when other people read my work in those fandoms and say 'yeah, that's totally right,' or better yet, 'Wow, I never thought of it that way!'

If you've been with me on some of my more singleminded and kind of scary romps through the Internet looking for clues (like our roadtrip through the auto databases of the web looking for a Cadillac with just the right tailfins to be Duke's car from the series, [personal profile] falsechaos), you know that I can go to some odd lengths for a fandom I'm hardcore committed to. I don't get that feeling too often - in fact, I've only had it twice.

Actually. Make that three times, now. I've been doing my homework, and I've got 'that' feeling again. The one that previously drove me to think, write, draw, live and breathe a character or set of characters.

This is where it gets long, boring and obsessive, folks. )

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