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Title: First Impressions
Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Rose Tyler, with brief appearances by Castiel, Gwen Cooper, Jack Harkness, the Ninth Doctor and Martha Jones.
Adopted by the Sidhe as a teenager, Dean Winchester goes out into the world again for the first time with his trusty elvensteed named "Baby" and his adoptive brother "Sam" (Samanderil, a young Sidhe orphan raised alongside Dean at Singer's Grove). They're on their way to Torchwood Grove, hopefully to find work in the rough world of the SouthWest Road Racing Association.

Their first impression isn't exactly what they'd hoped for.

Notes: Written for Fanwork Friday - this time the theme was 'species switch.' I got a crack idea to crossover one of my favorite urban fantasy worlds (from the SERRAted Edge novels by Mercedes Lackey) with SuperWho. The end is a bit rushed, but I got wind of this challenge a little late and wanted to make sure the story was as complete as possible for Friday. Also, I'm mean to Ianto again. I know, I'm really sorry.


Baby made a decent imitation of a V8 Chevy small block. The sound didn't belong to an actual motor, so Dean couldn't call himself a completely satisfied customer. An actual motor would mean it was a car and not a magical construct, though. A car wasn't sentient enough to save his ass on its own steam. Plus, a real Chevy Impala would be a gas hog and contained enough steel to rip the very foundations of Underhill... well... asunder, for lack of a less Seeleighe-court word.

Dean was kinda tired of Seeleighe-court words. It was his first unchaperoned trip out of Underhill since he'd been brought there as a teenager, and for years he'd been chafing to get the hell out of Dodge.

Well, 'unchaperoned' was open to interpretation.

"I thought you wanted a Mustang," Sam ran both hands along the upholstry as their wheels left the grassy downs of Ellen's keep and touched down on solid pavement. Underhill snapped closed behind them like a coin purse, and they were alone in a wilderness of New Mexico cliffs.

Dean shrugged. "Changed my mind. The pun was horrible, I'd never keep a straight face."

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