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Brought on by the wee one selling Girl Scout cookies tonight.

Castiel has a thing for citrus flavors. Someone, somewhere introduces him to Lemonades... delicious shortbread cookies with lemon frosting on the undersides. Once he discovers where these cookies come from and how to procure them for himself, Castiel makes it a point never to pass by a Girl Scout selling cookies so he can snag a box of Lemonades.

And he rarely shares. If you get a Lemonade from Castiel, that's like getting a phoenix to give you one of its feathers.

I can just see him sitting in the back of the Impala, blissfully munching his cookies until Sam turns around to look at him. And then for a split second he mentally mantles over the box in his lap until it's obvious that Sam doesn't want to take his cookies.

Sam cottons on, of course, and does it occasionally just for the face Castiel makes at him when he does it.

Bonus headcanon: Castiel tries to give the Winchesters cookies from the back seat to make them stop fighting.
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I remember being in a fandom where the majority of people who had a favorite romantic pair were either in direct conflict with the one I liked, or pretended the characters I liked didn't exist. I learned to happily play in my sandbox for the sake of play, not to be considered right, or canon. I had ideas to write. That's what I'm doing now, even though the majority of the fans from the two series I like to mash together would probably look at me and go "Wait, what?"

Maybe that's why I don't get this huge schism between fans in the Supernatural fandom. I'm relatively new to the fandom side of the show, although well before I watched said show I certainly heard about it. I knew that SPN had a reputation for crazy fans. That didn't deter me from the show, and it won't deter me from writing fanfiction, making fanart, and baking delicious pies for episode premiers. But it does concern me, just because I don't understand why it happens so often.

Why's everybody so concerned about being right? Are we all so insecure about what we like that we have to be awful to one another just to justify it?

I have had largely good experiences with most of my fandoms. Most of the time, everyone is just happy that there were other fans to gabble at.

But geez, Supernatural fandom. Maybe it's cool for Dean to be rude, but it is not cool for you guys to be so rude to each other.

I'm sure I'm not the only person looking at my fandom with bewilderment. I know I can't be the only person to have said things like this. I just wish everyone would take a step back from their computers and realize that all the nastiness does is perpetuate the stereotype - that Supernatural fans are crazy, and you don't want to get involved with that fandom, because they'll eat you alive or make you as crazy as they are.

I want us to be known as good crazy. As, you know, Misha Collins, adorably goofy crazy. Not 'diss my ship and I will kick your ass across the Internet' crazy.

Oh, what the hell. I'll go hang out with the SuperWho folks some more. They're a pretty nice bunch.
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Title: Fair Fight
Fandom: Torchwood/Supernatural crossover
Pairing: Captain Jack Harkness/Castiel (established)
Rating: PG for some violence.

Summary: Takes place some undetermined length of time following Miracle Day and Season 7 of Supernatural. Castiel is... Cas again. This is probably what constitutes foreplay on occasion between immortal individuals such as these.


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