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Nonspoilery. Promise!

So I've been following along with Torchwood: Miracle Day. This is officially the first season of Torchwood that I'm watching live, due to my incredible ineptitude at getting on the boat of a tv series from the start. I was six seasons behind when I started LOST, five seasons behind when I started Supernatural, I don't even want to think about how far behind I was when I found NCIS, and at least three seasons behind when I started Stargate: Atlantis. That's apparently just how I roll.

The thing about Torchwood - to me, anyway - is that this series has always been traumatizing. I mean, I love it - the fact that Torchwood leaves me curled up in a sobbing ball most of the time is part of the reason why I watch - but whenever I've watched it, up until now, I've never had to wait for the next part or the next episode.

Now, I'm having to wait for Torchwood once a week, which is an entirely new experience. I can't believe I'm waiting eagerly for my weekly Friday mental beating. Or dreading when the little slider is getting close to the end of the player bar, especially when something major has just happened. Two episodes ago, I had my hands over my eyes because I just couldn't watch a character unraveling. One episode ago, a major, horrible truth about society came to the surface and I was physically ill. This episode, I discovered that I have the capacity to yell at the screen:

"No! Don't tell him that! Noooooo, don't tell him about the camera! Esther GET HERE, c'mon Esther, kick his ass! ....No. You are not going to do that. No you're not. Not with a pen. Not with---ACK! *covers eyes*"

Also, I am prone to spontaneously cheering Gwen on:

"OH yeah, GET 'EM GWEN! GET the bastards! *fistpump!*"

I never thought I was that fan. But you know what? I am that fan. Oh, Torchwood, never change.
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Title: Fair Fight
Fandom: Torchwood/Supernatural crossover
Pairing: Captain Jack Harkness/Castiel (established)
Rating: PG for some violence.

Summary: Takes place some undetermined length of time following Miracle Day and Season 7 of Supernatural. Castiel is... Cas again. This is probably what constitutes foreplay on occasion between immortal individuals such as these.


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