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But to Understand the Future, We Have to Go Back in Time
Brian/Dom, NC-17, 863 Words
No major warnings this time around. Pretty much just fun making out on a car. 'Cause really, why not?

Dom figured he had a right to be smug. Brian's ego was based on the fact that he could do anything with an import car. Though good natured about it, he regularly needled Dom about 'not getting with the program.' He approached Dom's preferences for Detroit muscle as a weird religious practice or a stubborn cling to tradition. Dom was pretty sure Brian knew better - just teased Dom about it because it was a chink he deliberately left open for prodding. But today Dom's old-world knowledge turned out to be Brian's saving grace. Bits and pieces of import cars had a few vestigials leftover from old Detroit, like leopard spots on the occasional housecat.

Dom raised his eyes from the vibrating manifold cover of the Nissan Skyline. A hot wedge of Brian's upper body appeared from the driver's side as he moved past the pitch of the open hood. He took an extra step and pivoted, and Dom swore he heard a few slinky notes from an electric guitar as he watched those hips roll to a stop.

He should be smug. He really should. Maybe he would eventually. But smug wouldn't help Dom get his fingers in those belt loops. Whatever anyone might say about Dominic Toretto, he had his priorities straight.

Brian bent at the waist, tucking his curly blonde head into the shade. He grinned - Dom could see the flicker of motion from his peripheral vision. But he was a little slow with the upshift, and when he did finally look the man in the eye, Dom saw Brian noticed.

"So I guess I owe you a thank you," Brian drawled, tipping his head a little more. His eyes were still and warm, and Dom felt himself cracking a smile well before he'd intended to.

"Yeah?" Dom said, and as one they straightened together, glancing at one another over the tilted hood. He liked how they could move together sometimes. Not because it was like they could read thoughts, but because it meant they saw the same things and felt the same. Everyone saw Dom in their own light. They saw what they wanted. For a while he thought Brian did too. Maybe Brian did once. But so many things linked them now. Brian pinned nothing of himself on Dom. It was different - good different - in a way he'd never expected.

Brian reached into the driver's side window to cut the engine, then walked quickly to the bumper where Dom lowered the hood. He slid into Dom's space as the catch clicked, and Dom felt a broad, warm hand sneak down his stomach from behind.

"That how you usually say thanks?" Dom asked over his shoulder.

"Not unless they've really earned it," Brian answered, and Dom could hear his grin widen a little. He turned, but before he could get a good grip on those belt loops, Brian was nudging him into the mild curve of the Skyline's hood.

Pushing Dom was like pushing a brick wall. But for Brian, he went. Ass braced above the grille, one heel tucked up on the bumper for purchase and thrust, Dom let Brian cover him willingly. He met Brian's mouth for an easy kiss, lazy in the humidity of the garage. The heat soldered them together, bronzed them with sweat, but if the climate in Goa was a bother to either one, nobody had complained yet. Dom's eyes rolled back as Brian's hip rocked against his inner thigh. He sat up a little, spreading his hands over those back pockets and pulled him in tighter, just to let Brian know who ran this show. The meat of Brian's palm hit the hood with a thunk and a squeal, and exhaled in a gust against Dom's mouth.

Satisfied, Dom relaxed again, shoving up his hips to help Brian get his cargos down. Then he was back, braced awkwardly on one elbow while the other stroked them both together. Dom grunted when Brian's grip tightened.

"Lube, O'Connor," he growled.

Brian snickered, the sound mostly air, apologized on a laugh and spit in his hand. Things moved a little more smoothly after that. It took most of Dom's thigh strength to keep them on the hood until the sweat soaking through his shirt welded him to the paint. Brian kissed him a few times, because he was too damn polite not too, but even he lost it eventually while they ground into each other. Good, Dom thought with vicious satisfaction, reeling his eyes up when he could to watch Brian coming unglued. Because Brian was a conman, a good liar, a great liar, but he'd never held up a poker face here. This was new to them both; the gravity of each other's existence was just too much to ignore, and every passing spasm shuddered through Brian's body with absolutely no control.

Dom liked that. Brian's ego was wrapped up in doing anything with an import car. Dom claimed - publicly - that his was all about the Detroit muscle. And that wasn't quite true. His ego was in stroking a stubborn engine to life, sure, but it was no Chevelle.

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Whatever anyone might say about Dominic Toretto, he had his priorities straight.

Straight? Sure about that? +grins+

Hot, and good.
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