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I finally got access to my story, finished it, and after several minutes of completely unfettered glee, here I am with a proper link and rec.

Anyone who even knows the movie Sahara a little bit really needs to read this story:

"Goma, La Belle" [Mature Rating for Violence, Over 25,000 words, Gen]

The interaction between Dirk and Al doesn't need to be slash at all to still be awesome, and sometimes in my head-to-wall-pounding struggle over trying to write these two, I get so narrowminded about it that I forget that. But besides that, during the course of "Goma, La Belle" I learned several important lessons:

1) Al may not be swearing at Dirk's hero complex externally, but internally, he is so doing it. A lot.

2) Russians appreciate Rocky & Bullwinkle just like the rest of us. And also irony.

3) Weapons-grade plutonium comes in cakes. Not the yummy kind, but the kind that can cause radioactive burns and nuclear bombs. I'm not sure what form I thought it came in prior to this story.

4) Whatever General Kazim ever said to the contrary, everyone fucking cares about Africa.

5) Volcanoes, when done well, make really fucking scary plot devices. Volcano, eat your heart out.

Seriously, this story needs more recs. I know there's probably tons and tons of awesome stories in that huge database that need love too, but the sheer amount of work and love that went into this piece staggers me. This is the kind of Sahara fic that I want to write, someday.
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