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I've been having a hell of a time writing fic for the F&F franchise. All the ideas I had, just poof! Gone. Couldn't get going on anything I'd started to save my life.

Then, as I was using Pandora to help me build a playlist of good music so I'm not just listening to Danza Kuduro on friggin' repeat all afternoon at work (sometimes it's all that keeps me from biting people, honestly) I ran across music that just pushes this fandom's particular button for me.

So here I am, composing playlists of Brazilian pop and reggae. Because the moment I turn on Don Omar, Brian starts yammering. Chino Y Nacho, and he's watching Mia dance. Tego Calderon, and there's Dom, quiet and intense.

As a bonus, this is just unspeakably beautiful music. Also amusing, because while I can't understand a lot of the language, I definitely recognize pleading or defiance when I hear it. If you get a chance, skip Jennifer Lopez's "On The Floor" in English and go straight to the Spanish "Ven A Bailar." It's so much better, less repetitious, and every time Pitbull starts talking it's almost like someone breathing on your skin.

Why yes, I have something of a music kink. Why do you ask?

Today sucked, but it's rapidly getting better!
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