Dec. 22nd, 2011 06:45 pm
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Ahhhhh! There is a Yuletide gift! On my Ao3 page! But I cannot see inside it!

*shakes it vigorously*


*pokes it*
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Uploaded my Yuletide gift tonight! \o/

Now to get on that SuperWho Big Bang story. YARGH.

Also, to the talented [personal profile] sharpest_asp: I have not had a chance to comment on any of the fic you've posted recently, but man, your Transformers fics are gorgeous. Just sayin'.
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Just because you're reading this letter, you have my deep, abiding gratitude. Let's get this out of the way right now - you can totally relax, because I love ya, and I'm gonna love whatever you write. We've got a fandom in common, and that is epic.

If you're new to the madness that is Yuletide, welcome welcome, and I hope you stay! If you're an old Yuletide veteran, I clasp your metaphorical wrist in camaraderie. Whatever you write, what I ask first and foremost is that you have fun writing it! The things I mention here are only additional bits of information.

So, without further gilding the lily...

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Man. Next year I'm going to keep a better list of fandoms to nominate for Yuletide. I always make it a point to ONLY offer fandoms that I have all the source material for, because I need to be able to refer back to them. Much as I'd love to write for Footloose, I don't have a DVD of that to watch, and don't have the transportation to get myself to the theater to watch it enough times for accurate characterization.

Damn, I wish someone had asked for the original!


Nov. 12th, 2011 12:40 am
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It's getting close to Yuletide fandom nomination time!

I'm not sure how I feel about Fast & Furious being on the ineligible fandoms list. It was getting to be a tradition with me to nominate Sahara, F&F, and Top Gun every year, and I liked my tradition. *wry*

But you know what? On the other hand, *sniff* it means our baby's grown up. It means that our fandom's big enough to not be rare. And at the same time, while I haven't scoped all of my fandom, I can say that my exposure to this corner of it has been positive. Friendly, welcoming people and damn good writers with the kind of thoughtful commentary and thirst for details I love to see. We may not be a rare fandom anymore, but we are still an absofrigginlutely awesome one.

Now if only Top Gun would catch up. *grin*

I have a growing list of fandoms on a notepad by the computer, so as soon as Yuletide opens up this year, I can nominate away.

Also, dunno if anyone in my small circle is interested in Supernatural/Whoniverse crossover fic, but I'm planning to sign up over at [livejournal.com profile] superwho_bb. Not sure if I'm going to submit "Grace," or start from scratch with a new one. This whole SuperWho concept caught me off guard - here I thought I was almost alone in this crack crossover I'd fallen into completely by accident and minecraft. And apparently, I'm not, and I can't wait to see the Impala/TARDIS fic I saw someone sign up for.

There's also some really interesting fanvids people have made - just search superwho at youtube and see what I'm talking about.
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Through the Yuletide New Years' Resolution challenge, [archiveofourown.org profile] thecarlysutra filled one of my requests! I asked for Top Gun fic, and boy, did I get it.

Delayed Gratification by [archiveofourown.org profile] thecarlysutra

This is Iceman/Slider fic. Here's my bookmark rec:

Incredibly fun, unique, and hot little story about Iceman and Slider. Many Iceman/Maverick stories paint Slider in a very negative light - this piece does anything but. Slider's sexy and dominant, Iceman is... drunk and pushy. The story? It's perfect. Seriously, if you like Top Gun slash regardless of your pairing preference, give this one a shot.
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Once Ao3 settles down I will link in the story that you can comment on, because seriously, if you read Fast & Furious fic, if you like Dom/Brian, leave a comment on this @#*% story. I'm reading it on the temporary site right now, but I can't wait for the other site to work so I can leave a glowing comment.

I'm so happy it shouldn't be legal. Holy crap. This story makes me want to write porn again, 'cause I want to make other people as happy as this story makes me!

So Anonymous Yuletide Author, until I can leave you a proper comment, I hope you lurk over here to see if I've read it. Because thank you thankyouthankyouasfd;lkjsf.

EDIT: Actually, you know what? I'm going to link the A03 link here and also the temporary one, so you can read it NOW.

Born to Run - Temporary archive link

Ao3 Archive Permanent Story Link


Dec. 25th, 2010 01:51 am
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I stayed up late to finish the latter of TWO Yuletide treats! And I got it posted before the Yuletide proper collection closed, since it was over 1,000 words. YES. *fistpump!*

Now, I'm going to bed. Merry Christmas, to anyone on my list who celebrates it. And if you don't, have a wonderful evening and plenty of good dreams.
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My Yuletide assignment came last night! I can't mention it because there was only one request for this fandom, and I want to make sure their present doesn't get accidentally spoiled. It's a fandom I've never written in, which seems to be the case each yuletide. My one wildcard fandom gets picked, launching me on a brand new odyssey. Hee.

I'm so excited because the request is all about the female characters I adore. Very "girl power." I've got a few ideas already! Now to plot them out and see where they go.
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Looking at the Yuletide signup summary before I hit the hay.

Nobody requested Sahara this year. Aw, sadface! I got such an epic story for my request last year that I didn't want to request it again. I don't think any other Sahara fic is going to be able to live up to "Goma, La Belle," so it wouldn't be fair to ask someone to try. But darn, I kinda was looking forward to writing that for someone.

Also, nobody requested "Take It Off" by Ke$ha. Which is just too bad, because I was gonna have fun with the glitterdust alien creatures who pose as listless nightclub-crawling human teenagers. Who dance in other people's empty swimming pools.

The scatter of requested fandoms makes me wonder how [personal profile] amberdark's exceedingly odd list of requests pans out.

There were four other people offering Top Gun besides me. How awesome is that?!
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Well! So you ended up with me this year! First off, thank you so much for braving the perils and frustrations of the brand-new Yuletide signup in order to pull my name out of the hat. I'm just vibrating with excitement this year, and I can't wait to read anything that you write for me. The bottom line request from me before I get into the nitty gritty of the fandoms I requested is this: have FUN! I'm going to toss a few things your way, but in the end I want this story to be something you have a ball writing.

About Me )


Right! Now on to the fun stuff!

About the Fandoms )

Thank you again for writing a story for me for Yuletide! I can't wait to see where you take my request. And I hope you get just what you want for your requests, too!


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Whee! Now I need to get crackin' on my Dear Yuletide Santa letter. Man, making offers was like being a kid in a candy store this year. TWO of my favorite books on the PLANET! I tried to make sure all of my offers were things I could easily get my hands on if I needed a refresher. I offered Birth of the Firebringer, like I have every year, and it always amuses me when I get there. It's the one fandom where my offer is basically just any/any/any/any. LOL.

Well, that was definitely an upper!

I know there have been some humps to get over with the Yuletide signup this year, but I gotta say, the process was Not Too Shabby.


Dec. 20th, 2009 06:15 pm
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It's done.

I can go back to my regularly scheduled existence now.


Dec. 20th, 2009 12:44 am
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Oh, Yuletide.

You have me researching World War I battles, Roaring Twenties hairstyles, menus from the Waldorf Astoria, and the history of Jell-O and marshmallows.

I'm sure this is good for me, somehow. Hey! I know a little Jell-O history. That's worth a thousand bucks or so on Jeopardy, right?

Gad, this monster is on page twelve, and I've GOT to give it up for the night before I tip over. But I think this is the most fun I've had writing a Yuletide fic yet!


Nov. 12th, 2009 10:18 pm
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O HAI LOOK, I'm not dead after all!

I signed up for Yuletide again this year, after I had such a great time last year. I can't wait to see my assignment. I only asked for the fandoms I really really really really wanted this year, but I offered a handful of fandoms that I've almost never written for, because I love them and I'm hoping for a challenge this year like last year.

Which also means it's time to start practicing. I need to get going on writing again, because I really have not written regular fiction for a very long time, and I know that my writing muscles need stretched before I start running. Time to get out the morning notebook again!

Also, as a means to help me get going, challenge me! This is open to anyone who reads my blog here. Below are the fandoms I signed up for - give me a premise and/or a pairing and I'll write you a drabble.

Anne of Green Gables Series
Emily of New Moon Series
Firebringer Trilogy
Sahara (2005 movie)
National Treasure movies
Footloose (1985 movie)

...And I'm realizing that when I resubmitted, I FAILED to make sure Fast & Furious was on the list! GAH! So if you want to challenge me with an F&F drabble prompt, DO EET. I will verily write you something.

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