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But to Understand the Future, We Have to Go Back in Time
Brian/Dom, NC-17, 863 Words
No major warnings this time around. Pretty much just fun making out on a car. 'Cause really, why not?

Dom figured he had a right to be smug. Brian's ego was based on the fact that he could do anything with an import car. Though good natured about it, he regularly needled Dom about 'not getting with the program.' He approached Dom's preferences for Detroit muscle as a weird religious practice or a stubborn cling to tradition. Dom was pretty sure Brian knew better - just teased Dom about it because it was a chink he deliberately left open for prodding. But today Dom's old-world knowledge turned out to be Brian's saving grace. Bits and pieces of import cars had a few vestigials leftover from old Detroit, like leopard spots on the occasional housecat.

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All right, so I can say a few things without being spoilery:

I was afraid that I was going to be disappointed, after building myself up so much. That usually happens when I get so worked up about something. This movie, however, does not disappoint. It's very much in the spirit of the franchise, in my opinion, with plenty of fun lines, little character tidbits, and incredible car chases and race scenes.

Stay through the credits sequence. True to F&F tradition, you won't regret it if you stick around 'til after the fun CG stuff at the end. No, really. You totally won't. I promise.

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Title: Boredom
Author: [personal profile] cuda
Fandom: The Fast & The Furious; Brian/Dom friendship
Rating: T+ for language
Disclaimer: This was written for pure enjoyment. I don't own the Fast & Furious franchise or any of the characters depicted in this story. Roses red, violets blue. I no own; you no sue.


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