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Okay, I'm a little drunk, but bear with me.

I saw a fic not too long ago that ascribed the reason for Dom telling Brian about his father to a method of asserting his dominance over Brian. Heh. Appropriate name for the guy, isn't it? Very. It's something like, "Okay, so you're going to date my sister. Here's what you're dealing with. Also, I'm going to make you pay attention to me."

I agree with that theory, very much. The only other theory I've seen is that Dom sees his sister really likes the guy and is trying to 'bring him into the family,' so to speak, by testing him to see just how gun-shy he is. Brian, of course, doesn't flinch. So if I break up with/cheat on/piss off your sister, or make her cry, I'll have to ride the short bus for the rest of my life. All right, no big deal, I don't have any plans that way Dom, here's my pinks.

Rule One: Brian never ever ever EVER panics. Not when people are bleeding, not when there are guns pointed at his nose, not when his car is on fire. Not when his heretofore best friend* is nonverbally threatening to kill him when he blows his cover.

So Brian passes the test. There are any number of ways to go with that theory, any number of emotional levels. Dom could assume Brian's not interested, Brian could assume Dom's just being protective of his sister, they're both ignoring the mutual magnetism, etc. etc.

The one thing I can't ignore is that after reading "Inevitability" by [ profile] lucylooo, suddenly I see Mia trying to get Brian and Dom together. There's more chemistry between those two boys than between Mia and Brian, even when they're tangled up in the sheets together.

Gah, they're so young in the first movie. It's going to be a long, long and boring wait until Fast & Furious comes out on DVD, once it's out of the theater.

*I get the feeling Brian doesn't have any many friends. Dom's the closest he's got.
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Mostly x-posted from my personal journal.

Well hello, boys.

I've been working on these characters Dom Toretto and Brian O'Conner from The Fast & The Furious franchise since, oh, about two weeks ago. Geez, has it been that long? If you know me and my fandoms well, you know that most of them I love to watch, love to read fanfic, but rarely enter into as an active contributor. I think that's primarily because there's already a lot of work done on that fandom, there's whole sites devoted to its fanfic writers with references and summaries and all the homework's practically been done for me. There's no interest to write because most of the things have already been done. That, or the characters are so straightforward that - while interesting - they don't prod me to study them.

There have been only two fandoms I get...for lack of a better description... 'that' feeling about. Both of them offered a wealth of openings for inference, opinion and study. They made the writing interesting. I feel rewarded when other people read my work in those fandoms and say 'yeah, that's totally right,' or better yet, 'Wow, I never thought of it that way!'

If you've been with me on some of my more singleminded and kind of scary romps through the Internet looking for clues (like our roadtrip through the auto databases of the web looking for a Cadillac with just the right tailfins to be Duke's car from the series, [personal profile] falsechaos), you know that I can go to some odd lengths for a fandom I'm hardcore committed to. I don't get that feeling too often - in fact, I've only had it twice.

Actually. Make that three times, now. I've been doing my homework, and I've got 'that' feeling again. The one that previously drove me to think, write, draw, live and breathe a character or set of characters.

This is where it gets long, boring and obsessive, folks. )
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