Aug. 14th, 2011 06:15 pm
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Something new and fascinating to me: Dieselpunk

Dieselpunk According to Wikipedia

Additional Information From TV Tropes

How Dieselpunk Works on Howstuffworks.com

And this all happened because I'm building a fake camp for last year's Burning Man for use in a fic I'm working on. I thought "what if someone took the aspects of blended old and new culture we see in steampunk, but fitted it to World War II era fashion, art, and music?" but as it turned out, a lot of people have totally done that.

In the process of researching dieselpunk, I ran across about four new musicians and a ton of ideas, and realized that Captain Jack Harkness is a walking, talking example of dieselpunk.

Now to just drag my head out of all this and get back to my camp design. *snerk*
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