Mar. 6th, 2014

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So this requires backstory, but I'm participating in my third art gallery showing this year! I promise there will be backstory eventually.

Anyway, I've had some okay luck with selling prints and original artwork pieces. Through the gallery I've also taken and completed my first ever professional commission, which wasn't a bad experience as I've heard (and seen) commissions go for other folks. I don't think I'll be doing that very often though for the stress factor.

I'm hiding in my studio for the moment, just to catch my breath. It's been a really, really busy day and kind of a frantic week, but I have Friday off and [personal profile] amberdark and I are headed out of town for the weekend. Hopefully I can get some of my writing done... I have a piece I really really want to get to a stopping point tonight so I can submit it for SuperWhoLock the Comic's Fanwork Friday.

Damn, just had a weird moment of deja vu.

On the plus side, I made some really delicious cider for the gallery tour, and got a gorgeous chocolate cupcake with a cookie dough ball inside. 
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Brought on by the wee one selling Girl Scout cookies tonight.

Castiel has a thing for citrus flavors. Someone, somewhere introduces him to Lemonades... delicious shortbread cookies with lemon frosting on the undersides. Once he discovers where these cookies come from and how to procure them for himself, Castiel makes it a point never to pass by a Girl Scout selling cookies so he can snag a box of Lemonades.

And he rarely shares. If you get a Lemonade from Castiel, that's like getting a phoenix to give you one of its feathers.

I can just see him sitting in the back of the Impala, blissfully munching his cookies until Sam turns around to look at him. And then for a split second he mentally mantles over the box in his lap until it's obvious that Sam doesn't want to take his cookies.

Sam cottons on, of course, and does it occasionally just for the face Castiel makes at him when he does it.

Bonus headcanon: Castiel tries to give the Winchesters cookies from the back seat to make them stop fighting.
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