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Movie poster I made for my SuperWho Big Bang fic. I felt like it and I had some time while the stew cooked! Beats sleeping, eh?

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It's a bit of a thematic mess, really.


Jan. 31st, 2012 01:05 pm
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Mostly, Ao3 is great!

But I do have a problem with pseuds. If I have a pseud chosen as a default pseud, can I have the option to have that pseud link to my *account* userpage, instead of just the page for the pseud? The reason I ask this is because Scylla is my main pseud, but my Fast & Furious fics and my Torchwood and Supernatural fics are (or were, rather) under my Cuda pseud, because it's my journal name, and I'd like to make it a simple task of finding me. When I registered for Ao3, I did it under my Yuletide name, which was - at the time - Scylla.

I understand that a lot of people may only want to show people the fics that are tagged under the pseud they're commenting under. That's why I'd like the option to choose to have it show my entire account, rather than have it be absolutely the same for everyone. I switched my default pseud to Cuda, so that now when I comment on people's fics, it will default to that account name. But I didn't find out until dozens of comments later that my username on my comments links only to Scylla - which previously did not show any of the fics with content related to the ones I was commenting on.

If I comment on a Supernatural fic, I'd kind of hope the author might click my name and go see that I write them too! Because I do that. Maybe I'm one of the few who does. Currently I have those stories tagged with both pseuds, but that looks like they were posted by two authors, which looks really silly - and when someone comments, I get an email from each pseud.

I dunno, otherwise I think the site's great. But I sort of regret splitting out all my stuff under their relevant pseuds now.

Except the Yu-Gi-Oh fiction.

I kind of want to hide that. Heh.
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I remember being in a fandom where the majority of people who had a favorite romantic pair were either in direct conflict with the one I liked, or pretended the characters I liked didn't exist. I learned to happily play in my sandbox for the sake of play, not to be considered right, or canon. I had ideas to write. That's what I'm doing now, even though the majority of the fans from the two series I like to mash together would probably look at me and go "Wait, what?"

Maybe that's why I don't get this huge schism between fans in the Supernatural fandom. I'm relatively new to the fandom side of the show, although well before I watched said show I certainly heard about it. I knew that SPN had a reputation for crazy fans. That didn't deter me from the show, and it won't deter me from writing fanfiction, making fanart, and baking delicious pies for episode premiers. But it does concern me, just because I don't understand why it happens so often.

Why's everybody so concerned about being right? Are we all so insecure about what we like that we have to be awful to one another just to justify it?

I have had largely good experiences with most of my fandoms. Most of the time, everyone is just happy that there were other fans to gabble at.

But geez, Supernatural fandom. Maybe it's cool for Dean to be rude, but it is not cool for you guys to be so rude to each other.

I'm sure I'm not the only person looking at my fandom with bewilderment. I know I can't be the only person to have said things like this. I just wish everyone would take a step back from their computers and realize that all the nastiness does is perpetuate the stereotype - that Supernatural fans are crazy, and you don't want to get involved with that fandom, because they'll eat you alive or make you as crazy as they are.

I want us to be known as good crazy. As, you know, Misha Collins, adorably goofy crazy. Not 'diss my ship and I will kick your ass across the Internet' crazy.

Oh, what the hell. I'll go hang out with the SuperWho folks some more. They're a pretty nice bunch.
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It's January 1! And this means I can reveal that I received an assignment to write for Anne of Green Gables. It's funny, I never feel the desire to write Anne fic for myself, but I love writing other people's Anne requests with all my heart.

There's just something so personally internally warming about writing these characters, and every time I do, I inevitably learn something new.

An Inclement Day For Picnicking (3869 words) by faviconScylla
Fandom: Anne of Green Gables - L. M. Montgomery
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Gilbert Blythe/Anne Shirley, Diana Barry/Fred Wright
Characters: Anne Shirley, Diana Barry, Gilbert Blythe, Marilla Cuthbert, Rachel Lynde, Davy Keith

It's Diana's birthday and Anne Shirley is determined to make everything go swimmingly. A picnic with her bosom friend among the golds and crimsons of September is just the thing. It's important to keep an eye on the weather, of course, whenever one makes outdoor plans. Failure to do so is simply a siren call to the Fates.

She really should have remembered that umbrella.

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Every night for weeks, I hear the next door neighbor railing at someone over the phone. I can't tell if it's the same person or different people, but it's always the same aggressive, loud, Baptist minister lecturing.

And you know, it's not the noise that bothers me. I could knock on the wall or just put my headphones on, which I do. It's more about the fact that this guy has some reason to rail at someone every night for weeks. It's got to be exhausting and internally upsetting to be that angry all the time.

I'm so glad to be back in my apartment, though. I'm also really glad I cleaned, because I came home to an empty sink and a nice clean floor. I was able to say hello to the furry land sharks (aka the cats), clean their box and then curl up on the couch with my laptop without a shred of guilt for undone projects. The apartment still does need some spot work, but on the whole, not too shabby!

Oh and, I've started using my tumblr again. I ditched its original purpose, and now I'm using it to blog/reblog .gifs and graphics and ficbits just like everybody else. If you're interested, I'm over here. Any and all are welcome! It's definitively Supernatural/Torchwood/SuperWho flavored, just FYI.

9200 words into my SuperWho Big Bang! I'm getting there! I may squeak by if I get my shoulder to the wheel this week. More importantly than the word count, the plot is diagrammed out. So hopefully I won't get too lost.
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Again (1501 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Sahara (2005)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Al Giordino/Dirk Pitt
Characters: Dirk Pitt, Al Giordino

Al resecues Dirk once again and things finally come to a head.

*high-pitched dolphin noises of happy!*

I adore scenes with these guys where Al ends up saving Dirk's ass, because Al is totally no damsel in distress. It's even a first kiss story, which makes it all the more awesome. Santa, if you're reading this? You made my Christmas Day. This is even better than the fact that AMC is running a Christmas With The Duke John Wayne marathon.



Dec. 22nd, 2011 06:45 pm
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Ahhhhh! There is a Yuletide gift! On my Ao3 page! But I cannot see inside it!

*shakes it vigorously*


*pokes it*
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Uploaded my Yuletide gift tonight! \o/

Now to get on that SuperWho Big Bang story. YARGH.

Also, to the talented [personal profile] sharpest_asp: I have not had a chance to comment on any of the fic you've posted recently, but man, your Transformers fics are gorgeous. Just sayin'.
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I just gotta show this off.

Lookit this icon.

/stupid proud of herself.
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Just because you're reading this letter, you have my deep, abiding gratitude. Let's get this out of the way right now - you can totally relax, because I love ya, and I'm gonna love whatever you write. We've got a fandom in common, and that is epic.

If you're new to the madness that is Yuletide, welcome welcome, and I hope you stay! If you're an old Yuletide veteran, I clasp your metaphorical wrist in camaraderie. Whatever you write, what I ask first and foremost is that you have fun writing it! The things I mention here are only additional bits of information.

So, without further gilding the lily...

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Nov. 18th, 2011 09:09 pm
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Well, thanks, Mediacom. I pay way too much for your service, and there are only two shows I ask you hopefully to air every week. NCIS, and Supernatural.

And you preempt Supernatural tonight with high school football championships.


The only people who are going to want to watch this in the first place are the parents of these players, and they'll be at the GAME. And furthermore, who really wants to spend thirty minutes watching you name off coaches. Seriously. Every effing coach in the damn state.

So thanks, Mediacom. Thanks for thinking of me, and the bill I pay every month, when you decided that some podunk local sports shindig was a higher priority. I'm so glad you care so much about this area's collective health, that you make sure and air boring bullshit so we'll all go outside and play. Because that's why you did it, right? Right? Right.

*lip curl*
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Man. Next year I'm going to keep a better list of fandoms to nominate for Yuletide. I always make it a point to ONLY offer fandoms that I have all the source material for, because I need to be able to refer back to them. Much as I'd love to write for Footloose, I don't have a DVD of that to watch, and don't have the transportation to get myself to the theater to watch it enough times for accurate characterization.

Damn, I wish someone had asked for the original!

It's done

Nov. 13th, 2011 10:56 pm
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Finally got my journal header made. I was going to put words on it, but there's just no words right for it, so I'll let it stand.

Kind of a quiet, melancholy night.


Nov. 12th, 2011 12:40 am
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cuda: Yuletide Kitty (yuletide)
It's getting close to Yuletide fandom nomination time!

I'm not sure how I feel about Fast & Furious being on the ineligible fandoms list. It was getting to be a tradition with me to nominate Sahara, F&F, and Top Gun every year, and I liked my tradition. *wry*

But you know what? On the other hand, *sniff* it means our baby's grown up. It means that our fandom's big enough to not be rare. And at the same time, while I haven't scoped all of my fandom, I can say that my exposure to this corner of it has been positive. Friendly, welcoming people and damn good writers with the kind of thoughtful commentary and thirst for details I love to see. We may not be a rare fandom anymore, but we are still an absofrigginlutely awesome one.

Now if only Top Gun would catch up. *grin*

I have a growing list of fandoms on a notepad by the computer, so as soon as Yuletide opens up this year, I can nominate away.

Also, dunno if anyone in my small circle is interested in Supernatural/Whoniverse crossover fic, but I'm planning to sign up over at [ profile] superwho_bb. Not sure if I'm going to submit "Grace," or start from scratch with a new one. This whole SuperWho concept caught me off guard - here I thought I was almost alone in this crack crossover I'd fallen into completely by accident and minecraft. And apparently, I'm not, and I can't wait to see the Impala/TARDIS fic I saw someone sign up for.

There's also some really interesting fanvids people have made - just search superwho at youtube and see what I'm talking about.
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This is such a fantastic little piece. I seem to be on an unrequited/unconsummated love angst kick, and this one hit my button repeatedly.

Men Are From Mars by [ profile] big_banggang
fandom: SuperWho
summary: Castiel and Jack have more in common than they first thought.
characters: Jack & Castiel.
pairings: Jack/Ten & Dean/Castiel — both unrequited.
rating: T


Nov. 2nd, 2011 05:36 pm
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My laptop is FIXED! Good grief, they replaced the motherboard, the video card, AND the display! As in the frigging monitor! On the plus side, it runs The Endless Forest now, which I am very very excited for, having been mostly cut off from my deer since I purchased this laptop.

Did I mention I'm posting from it right now? I'm posting from it right now.

I am so happy to have all my Castiel wallpapers back. And my RP notes. And my graphics. And Photoshop. And Minecraft. Yeeeeeeeee!

For linkspam - go visit Although I will warn you that some of these cakes can be very disturbing, on the whole they're hilarious. I am completely untrained and I could do a better job with these cakes than the people who're supposedly trained to decorate.


Oct. 23rd, 2011 10:32 am
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Updated the journal style.

I should be writing, but seriously, who hasn't diverted themselves from doing something hard by doing something just to kill time? My journal looks better, at least until I get my main computer out of the shop so I can use Photoshop again. We're onto week three now. At least it's covered by warranty. But seriously. It's like sending away a member of my family, at this point. I'm just glad The Little Laptop That Could, i.e. Eleanor, i.e. the Dell Latitude D620 I'm working on right now, is proving hardy as a Shetland and is putting up with my abuse again after languishing for months. She's officially going to be my Travel Laptop, so whenever I finally get Bette (the new Dell Precision) out of the shop, the persnickety mechanical wench can just enjoy life in her ivory tower and never get moved around.

Eleanor is so named as a reference to Gone In 60 Seconds, because she was the first laptop I bought for myself. She's my unicorn. She was a bitch to save up for, and I made several abortive attempts to get her before I managed to finally attain a laptop of my own.

Bette is named for the tall, sleek, sexy and Amazon-ish character from The L Word. When she likes you, she's a dream, but if you piss her off she can be a heartless and cruel mistress.

Now back to work! I have a scene to overhaul.
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Ao3 bookmarks are cool. I know I'm not the only person who knows this, I'm sure everyone does, because my favorite thing to do after checking through the stories of someone who commented on my stuff and/or left a kudo, is to go through their bookmarks and see what they like.

The problem with Ao3 bookmarks? They're underutilized! At least in my opinion!

They give me that little space to write a paragraph about what I love about the story, I am totally gonna do it. I love that I can bookmark a story for later, and then go back and edit the bookmark to include some actual content when I have a minute. I bookmark things as much to get other people to maybe read them as to be able to find them later, plus I had a blast during my brief stint as a movie review writer for a friend's local news blog.

I strive never to be spoilery, either about the story or about canon, but to try and write something magnetic enough to convince someone - maybe even someone outside the fandom - to come in and give it a read.

Dunno, may be the marketing viewpoint that's been practically knocked into my head over the years from my job. Whatever the reason, I frakkin' love it. It's great, low-energy fun for me, especially when I'm frustrated and stuck on a story of my own and need a break.

In less happy news - my new computer is currently in the repair shop, and has been thus since Monday. ARGH. PRAYING I get a phonecall from them soon, or else I'm going to be calling them Monday. I mean, I have a backup, but I have not been able to do much of anything other than work on stories and surf the net because it's just not fast enough. Hence my blog looking funny. I'm working on a kickass Castiel/Jack Harkness header, but unfortunately, Photoshop is on the OTHER computer.

In MORE happy news - we finally know what the Head Crab was! It was an abnormal blood vessel. I had my six-week followup on Tuesday, and today I had one final test done for neurosurgery: a precautionary MRA to map the circulation in my brain and make sure everything is working okay, post-surgery. I'm actually relieved to have that done, even though they had to stick an IV in my arm. Good grief, I am so sick of IVs. But at least they had it out in less than an hour.

Got a followup appointment with the ophthalmology department in December, and then hopefully I'll be able to start driving again. This whole 'no driving because you had a seizure' business is just utter shit, let me tell you. I'm an independent critter, I hate having to ask for help and rely on other people to show up when they say they will to pick me up. On the plus side, as a means to avoid unnecessary calls for rides, I've been walking my happy ass to things a lot more. I'm in a bad location for walking to shopping centers, but I can definitely go post a letter without any help.

Heh, who wants a letter? I'd write you! I've got a blue mailbox to walk to now!
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I shouldn't be as excited about this as I am, but... my favorite Minecraft texture pack producer updated with new textures for Minecraft Beta version 1.8! YAY!

*scoots off to fritter away even more time!*

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