Apr. 15th, 2012

cuda: Jack Harkness from Torchwood and Castiel from Supernatural, about to kiss (jack and castiel romance)
Play It Again, Jack
A SuperWho Big Bang Fic

Author's Notes: I could not, absolutely could not have finished this story without the help of my two favorite people on the planet. First, thank you to my girl, [personal profile] amberdark, for her brilliance, her patience, her encouragement, and her willingness to both give up time so I could write and put up with my incessant babbling. And second, thank you to my wingsister and beta [personal profile] touchofstrange whose formidable knowledge of the Whoniverse and Supernatural literally saved this fic a few times. Without you ladies, this story would still just be a lot of questions and half-finished ideas.

A MASSIVE thank you to Ash ([livejournal.com profile] xnoventumx) for signing up to be my artist! It was short notice and you are fantastically awesome for putting up with my frenzied emails. I hope you had fun! And I hope the story didn't give you a massive headache.

And last - but certainly not least! - to my SuperWho (and by extension, SuperWood and SuperWhoLock) Tumblr family. HEY! HEY GUYS! We've made our own damn fandom! You keep me supplied with screencaps, art, gifts, photosets, videos, theme songs, and ideas. Without you, I'd still be writing Castiel/Jack slash in a corner by myself. EVERYTHING IS SUPERWHO AND NOTHING HURTS.

Like sexuality, boarding school rules and paperclips, time can be bent. Since you're talking to me, I'm pretty sure you know that already. It can be twisted, folded back on itself, sliced apart and sewn together. For being intangible, it's one of the most readily manipulated substances in the universe. Right up there with water and a Traxxian after a few cocktails.

Kidding, kidding. The cocktails are optional.

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cuda: (The Doctor and The Captain)
Play It Again Jack, Part 2
April 29, 2011 - London

Rose hadn't known the Doctor very long. They'd had a few adventures together, but the whole thing seemed a bit of a lark yet. He liked her, she was rather sure of that, and she certainly had more fun with him than she'd had in her previous nineteen years of living. The daring leather jacket, the air of mystery, the whole flying-through-space bit… maybe she was still waiting to wake up.

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cuda: Castiel from Supernatural (wary castiel)
Play It Again Jack, Part 3
Present Day

I'll never know how all this would have played out without intervention. The Doctor, Castiel, me - we'd all had a hand in it by then, whether we knew it or not. Maybe it was supposed to be fiddled with. Maybe time's like a half-finished song that way. It just waits around for someone to tweak the harmony just right, until the whole thing's so beautiful it breaks your heart.

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