Jul. 29th, 2009 12:21 pm
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I'm sure somebody's done this already, so I'm sort of using this as a location to stockpile this information and also help anybody else who may be reading this who, like me, isn't already aware of these details.

Han Lue
We have very little information about Han - imdb doesn't even list his surname. He shows up in Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift as well as in the early scenes of Fast & Furious and also appears in the movie Los Bandoleros on the disc of extras in the new F&F DVD release. His relationship to Dom is only minimally explored, as is his relationship with characters in Tokyo Drift. Han keeps his secrets close.

However, while not officially part of the Fast & Furious franchise, Han Lue (played by none other than Sang Kung) shows up in another Justin Lin movie called Better Luck Tomorrow (2002). If you choose to take it as F&F canon (in my case, I'm grabbing it with both hands), it provides a somewhat closer look at Han's family, history, and potential motivations.

In Better Luck Tomorrow, Han Lue has a cousin Virgil Hu and is involved in a laundry list of money-making schemes, breaking an ever greater number of laws. I'm going to Netflix this movie forthwith and find out if it's a) available and b) what I'm hoping it is.

The brain takes us strange places. I dove into this fandom because I wanted to write Brian and Dom. And now I'm writing Han. What the hell, brain.
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